Gili dorn, 32


An only child to parents who disappeared shortly after moving to Israel from Argentina. The cause of their disappearance was never discovered- all that Gili knows is that his father was an agent of the Argentinian government. Gili was raised by his grandfather- a suicidal holocaust survivor who ended his own life when Gili was a teenager.

Since he was a kid, all Gili needed was the computer that his grandfather bought him. When he was older, examining the structures and behaviors of hardware became Gili’s main pastime. He also began showing interest in the mystery that surrounded the human brain in general and more specifically the riddle of the human conscience. For Gili, the brain was the most interesting processor around and he was confident in his ability to take neuroscience one giant leap forward with the software he developed.

Gili was always a star student who had a sharp mind and a quick understanding of scientific concepts. Each loss that he suffered in his life just strengthened his sense of purpose that intensified with each verbal or academic battle “victory” and academic honor. Gili’s arrogance distanced most people from him, and Gili managed to distance the rest by being a bad friend.

Gili’s apartment looks like it was taken straight out of an Ikea magazine and he shares it with his dog Olaf- a deaf Great Dane. Gili has checkered button down shirts in every possible color- any combination of colors makes its way into his closet. In order to focus, relax and think clearly Gili tends to get in the shower and let one drop of water at a time fall on his head- just like Chinese torture. If he is out of the house, he finds a dripping air conditioner behind some building to do the same thing.