Jenny gloshcko, 36


Jenny left her family behind when memories of the sexual abuse she endured as a child reemerged while she was in the army. No one wanted to believe that her uncle did that to her, but after her father’s death when she was a young girl- that is exactly what happened.

Jenny is a middle child, one of three girls raised by their mother who worked hard her whole life- especially after their father died in a car accident. Up until the memories of the trauma attacked her out of the blue, Jenny was an introverted child that avoided conflict and lived to please others. The trauma that came back to her and the long and hard coping that came along with it turned Jenny into a verbal, extroverted and opinionated woman that didn’t keep anything inside.

Jenny works as a recruiter for a documentary film production company on the darknet who produce confession videos. These films present people that abused others and want to confess before their death. The films are sent to the victims of their crimes, and they are made up of an act of confession, and act of apology and an act of suicide.

Things that Jenny does all the time: swimming, smoking cigarettes, clubbing, she doesn't let her hair down, she rides her bike everywhere, pizza night once a week, and until she met Gili and his software- she only slept with women.