Katharsis is a science fiction-drama series that revolves around Gili - a young and fame thirsty neuroscientist. Gili has been wandering around the maze we know as the human conscience for years, and now he is one step away from cracking the most mysterious area within us. Gili invented software called Katharsis that allows one to invade the consciousness and for the first time - to project it on a screen.

Thus, those who connect to Katharsis go on a virtual tour within themselves. This tour can be seen on a screen and can also be controlled via the software, something that at the moment only Gili knows how to do. This is a technological and research innovation that redefines all we know about our ability to delve into the brain. If you were to ask Gili, he would tell you that this is the therapeutic tool of the future. What will humanity do with this in the end? Only time (and seasons) will tell.

Gili is about to present his doctorate- research that is based on Katharsis that he had been working on secretly over the past few years fearing that his groundbreaking patent would be exposed. His research question was “Is it possible to extract a memory from the brain as visual content?”.

His current subject is Jenny, a young woman who had suffered sexual abuse in her childhood and found herself connecting to Gili’s program in an attempt to deal with her trauma. A strange and deep bond formed between the two that will take Gili and his invention to some particularly dark places, and eventually to his page in the history books - even if it is not exactly how he envisioned it.

In order to achieve the recognition he is looking for, Gili turns his attention to the external world - to the prestigious field he chose to work in - neuroscience. So far, he has been doing pretty well. Gili became well known as a boy wonder in the deep imaging field both as a researcher and as a young lecturer at Tel Aviv University. This was nice, but not even close to enough for him.

Gili’s immense need to attain respect and recognition from society compensated for one central thing that he had never experienced - A feeling of home. Ironically, Gili developed software that requires entering others inner world but the whole way he consistently neglects his own inner world.

As the research into Jenny progresses, the two enter into a strange and unique relationship that makes Gili feel something that he never knew and always needed- I am home. But this short idyll comes to a halt when Jenny’s addiction to the program leads to overuse of it and to the appearance of different side effects. On the one hand, these side effects improve the research but on the other, they gradually mess up Jenny’s brain function and health. This eventually turns Jenny from a free and independent human to a corpus of research and work with spreading brain damage.

Gili’s guilty conscience will be faced with the big discoveries he had been waiting for his entire life, and then the question will rise - Which Jenny does he prefer? The one who makes him feel or the one that will bring him the greatest research success that he could ever imagine? Will he stop connecting her to the program in order to save what was left of her, or will he continue with the fascinating research? The dilemma will become even harder when it will be revealed that Jenny is pregnant.

When the questionable experimentation with Jenny is revealed, Katharsis is, obviously, rejected by the academic staff who suspends Gili from all activity for “dangerous and illegal experiments on humans”. The neuroscience department head, excited about the research despite the ethical issues, turns to Gili in an attempt to help him continue researching outside of academia and succeeds in getting Gili out of jail by partnering up with security firms to continue the research.